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Lorem Quotesum

Lorem Quotesum


The idea for Lorem Quotesum was inspired by fillerama, an online tool for creating placement copy using quotes from tv shows and movies. I decided to take the same concept, but convert it to RESTful API that you can use live in your web sites and applications during development. And the API does support JSONP for crossdomain support.

I also created an online tool for testing as well as some JQuery plugins incase you want to work with it offline.

All quotes used are from Wikiquote.


The API only has 2 methods. One to get the available shows/movies that have quotes and the other one to get the actual quotes. Everything is RESTful, so you can actually see the API in action by creating the correct URL in the address bar of your browser.

SHOWS< Sample Link >

This method has no parameters, you simply make a request to it and it will return all available shows in JSON format.

QUOTES< Sample Link >

This method allows you to get paragraphs of quotes from the selected show or movie. You pass the show name (or show ID) as the first parameter, and the number of paragraphs (maximum 30) as the second parameter. You will receive the result formatted in HTML by default, but can also pass "json" as an optional third parameter to get the results as a JSON formatted array.

$.get('http://www.individual11.com/loremquotesum/api/shows', function(data){
$.get('http://www.individual11.com/loremquotesum/api/quotes/M*A*S*H/5', function(data){

Refresh< Sample Link >

The API uses Cacheing on the server to help decrease the strain on the database and thereby increase the response speed. This means that if you make the same request multiple times, you should receive the same response, however it is possible to get new copy if you like by passing refresh=true on the query string like the code below shows.

$.get('http://www.individual11.com/loremquotesum/api/quotes/M*A*S*H/5?refresh=true', function(data){

Online Tool

Source Rendered
5 Paragraphs
Click to Copy

JQuery Plugin< Test Page >

I wrapped up the basic functionality of the API into a JQuery plugin so you can work with it offline. The plugins (each show/movie has their own plugin) isn't minified, since it's not meant to be used in production (and I tested minifying it and only got a couple k smaller.)


This parameter controls the number of paragraphs that will be placed into the selected element. It can be any number between 1 and 20, with the default value being 3.


This parameter is only important if you're selecting mutliple elements, because it allows you to get back the same set of paragraphs for each selected element, thereby speeding up the process ever so slightly. It accepts true or false, with the default value being true so each element will get the same set of paragraphs.

    paragraphAmount : 10
    mirror : false

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